The great happening in life

Whatever happens in our life, happens with wish of god, happens for our good and happens for our progress.

I want to share something….

One morning, you have to go office and you are already late, you have to attend important meeting but that day your driver does not come and your car tyre also punctured.

What would you think in this situation??

One morning, you have to take flight but same time you got message from your best friend that his father died and you have to go for his help.

What is the first through that is going to come in your mind in this situation??

You are doing job since 13 years, you had never ever been late for your job but one day you just miss train and reached at office late.

What you want to do in this situation??

One day you have to go for foreign meeting but that morning you slip in wash room and got fracture in leg for this reason your all meeting are cancelled in which you got 100 crore profit.

How you control this situation??

Now listen

11 September, 2001 Twin Towers of America got destroyed by terrorists.

These were the reasons due to which these people couldn’t reach their office in the Twin Towers on that day. These are not mind mad stories but these are some real reasons.

You believe or not but this whole world is controlled by someone who controls us and our entire life.

That is no one else but the almighty God…💕

Thanks for reading 🤗

When you are stuck in any trouble,
Just close your eyes and think about God. He is not in front of you but remember he is always be with you. Have faith in him💯💫❤

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